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Jeans For Women's

Jeans are one of "unisex" clothes which were developed in the 1960s. Both men and women wore blue jeans, "hipsters" and close fitting pants with zip fly fronts. The spirit of this latest association of pants with social and sexual liberation can be seen in Alice Walker's novel The Color Purple (1982), in which the social victory of the heroine culminates in her opening of a unisex jeans shop. In addition to jeans, pant-suits became popular with women in fabrics ranging from PVC and lurex to velvet and satin.

So many choices about jeans. So, lady's how to find which one is the best for you? At you can find a simple buying guide finding which jeans is fit for you and --the most improtant thing-- which one will makes you feel comfort when use it. Wikishop not just a shopping but try to give us "knowloedge" (you know is a wiki's :) about the product that you wanna buy. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is like attending aerobics class wearing a thong. At first it’s kinda painful but afterwards you’ll feel thinner. Most women have an average of ten pairs of jeans lying around. Admit it. The majority of your jeans aren’t charming. If you wear “Mom Jeans,” tapered, elastic waist, stonewashed bad 80’s (not to be confused with the Fall’s ‘skinny’ jeans) throw them out. Another deadly jean sin is the low-rise pants that reveal deadly butt/gut cleavage. Public whale tails (thongs) and love handles are not attractive.

Even jeans is unisex clothes, but there is Jeans made for womens only. You will find so many model and choices at Some sample of their collection: