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We born in frantic era, when we start recognize letter and nature marking, forest, sea, and sky, we even also step enter Kota Makassar. In city garden on display announcement with block letters: “Verboden voor Dieren en Inlander.”

When we ask to poppa and mamma: “Does we equal to animal?” Silent Poppa and bolt from its easy chair the old man, silent mamma with sad eyes, “Should be like that?”

In Europe, World War II erupts. Germany and italian attacks its neighbouring state. The Netherlands totally ruined. The Netherlands in irate Indonesia last declare war on Japan. We also contribute “Maandag Cent” to buy opponent fighter plane last Japan sings hymne : “Eens komt de dag dat Netherland zal herijzen. Tra la la. Three li li” Tai in in! (aan: makassar slank; tai di di = bullshit)

Japan has been show fight. In a short time all East Asias Raya are conquered then land in philippine and at a time in Manado, Ambon. Pass by Barombong they pursue the Netherlands in South Sulawesi. The Netherlands scampers retreat. Nothing any one bullet exits from weapon snout the Netherlands and lift whiteflag in Garege. Shuttlecock gitu!

Password Nippon-Indonesia: Together ne! Hi, Hi, Hi! Our Age adult level. Our Slow not as yet common to lift head and not as yet common to stare at our samurai although body thin dystrophy.

Attack over lord Allied menghujam Germany. Italian surender before attacked.

Bombs destroy defence citadels Japan in East Asia Raya not unless in city Makassar. Dead bodys and blood, either on street or in school. And no more sob tagis is heard.

Again, we equal to animal. This is war, kill or killed. With two atom bombs Japan at discretion and emperor Hirohito promises no action mistake in common later on. We is World War II pickings. We experience of this, we this distress, we become this frantic era torture, not experienced generation setelahnya.

By second motion, we enter new era that never experienced also generation that has bore us. We is actor that take the stand trusted in this frantic era, we become patient from this discourtesy.

We that already not as yet common to stare at samurai, now unsheathe dagger, lagecong, lance and will battle stare at forwards advocate fatherland Indonesia. Our Target one, independence Indonesia.

With hefty step and eye binar you enter SMP Nasional in Makassar first republic school in Provinsi Sulawesi. “Why you here. This red school white, ekstremis school. Step into here mean ready to die for Indonesia."

“I am Husni Djamaluddin from Mandar! Mrs. Depu with we closed friend in the same spirit.” “Join together here illicit its law collaborates. Root Perfidiousness all disaster. Lie, steal, adultery, that also betrayal deed.”

In sinilah we meet. Learn and struggle for Indonesia. In just time five year [only]. Colonization during hundreds of our year destroy with dagger.

For a moment we tafakkur. We stare at our leaders faces. So simple, heartfelt. One in word and deed. So pride if we be beside Andi Pangerang Petta Rani and Andi Mattalatta. Honour that shine from their liver, cool our liver.

For a moment we breath in air “independence,” last apart, science/knowledge searching, life searching, to fill independence that already we won pass by soul sacrifice, blood, tears, and good and chattel in order to this nation frees from stupidity and poorness and can live parallel with nations in one world.

Yrs. grievous colour our journey that length and tire. Meelting our fighting spirit. Our leaders Greed can not be barricaded next. As sump suffuses all fatherland lands.

Number 70:30 menjuruses become dissolution seed. ”At the opposite of my clothes of liver variegation no next.” Idyl Sitor Situmorang without title. Again, we feel sorrow after blood flood G/30/S/PKI.

When this is we meet return in “Pertemuan Kamar Seniman” last together become founder Dewan Kesenian Makassar (DKM). [it is true] initially have time to work well with heartbeat remains that still devoted accompany our struggle. Systematically artistry is must barricaded in Orde Otoriter.

We are excluded and thrown into mud. We are amused from sorrowful by “Pearl although in mud fixed pearl”. So one of couplet of french poet, Andre Gide. [it is true]!

When that's Husni Djamaluddin melejit, chafe, and dash against. Born idyls Husni Djamaluddin penetrates room and time about frantic era brutality in Indonesia. Idyls is referred as book content Indonesia and neighbouring state.

Poet Husni Djamaluddin once to house. Only for a moment. Do not willing to breath in my tea. At its face entrusted smile small. At its eye kulihat its liver. I know you come bring idyl couplets and later, you deliver an idyl “Story Old Reptil” make Ali Walangadi.

Actor Strength on its eye. Its eye penetrates its liver. Not by it self, there is fine strength in artist bears its creation.

that poet
that me
that rose
that you
my darling

Since Independence war till Reformasi brotherly we and street along. We never disagree either in the form of utterance or deed. This is beautiful and eternal friendship. So happy our in this friendship bonding.

And when you lied down hospital in Jakarta so much old, we hear that although you conceal it cause wants to you kulum by it self. For that us send prayer every we hear and mention your name. Prayer and sympathy from comrade in arms, prayer from actor humanity!

Subject: struggle to the last. Freedom!

Tonasa I, 17th Augusts 2004.
Ali Walangadi, Makassar senior artist