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Akutagawa Ryūnosuke imaginary country in his novel, which ended his life by suicide shortly after writing the short novel "Kappa" 83 years ago, the world where human before birth to the earth may choose to birth or not.

We live in a world with a variety of walls, built on hatred heirloom, wrapped in a false legality in the name of race, ethnicity, class and even religious to kill each other, hate each other, cussing each other and to monopolize the God while occasionally feel worthy acts with God's name.

We really can not choose to be born behind a wall of Jewish, Arab, Christian, Muslim or atheist, but we can choose to make this world better or worse, by passing down through generations of hatred in the name of whatever it is, and forget the universal equation ,--for God's sake -- we are humans, not animals, where the strong prey on the weak.

I cried when brave people were attacked because -- I assume, shame on me -- continue our "caring", they try to achieve what we can only cry from afar, brave people who can reduce the sense of guilt in the chest while we lunch, while the population of Gaza do not know yet still have a home tonight or not.

Today I do not want to continue the hate. I pity those who are killing another for piece of land, the land that God promised them oppressive. God as a landlord. Someday, they will meet the Lord in debate as they argue with Moses.

I also do not want to birth in Kappa. I was born in the world that is collapsible by the ideas of residents themselves. I believe we were born here, on this earth not only to benefit but also beneficial to the life around, no matter how small it was.